Hot swimwear for men bulge style

Hot swimwear for men is huge this summer. In Los Angeles you see so many hot swimwear for men designs at the beach. Places like Venice beach offer some of the best hot swimwear for men viewing found anywhere. On any given day there are guys wearing micro thongs, g-strings, bikinis and other hot swimwear for men many of these designs are much smaller than the smallest thongs and bikinis the girls are wearing. One of the more interesting mens swimwear designs I have seen on the beach are the male form pouch suits. These are swimsuit designs that are shaped like a penis. I have seen the micro style pouches which show the shape but not aroused just natural and beautiful.


hot swimwear for men by

hot swimwear for men by penis shaped pouch


Hot swimwear for men and something extra up the rear

Hot swimwear men with a kick in the rear.


So many designs if you are one of the hot swimwear for men who crave something different you might just think of going to some of the hot swimwear for men styles suits from mens swimwear. They offer multiple lines of extreme men’s swimwear along with fetish styles like anal wear, male to female transformation, cock shaped suits and so much more. Hot swimwear for men they can make your brains spin.   I have included a photo of one of their extreme bikinis that is connected front to back by a combo anal plug cock ring. Not sure if it is possible to get more aroused or excited wearing any other style bathing suit. I wear these styles and love them. It did take me some time to get used to having the metal ball shoved deep up my ass but now I can’t wait to slip it on and in!



Hot swimwear for men

Hot swimwear for men anal design with ass plug

Hot swimwear for men Penis shaped designs

Some of my favorite hot swimwear for men designs involve special shaped pouches. I beleive a fem style even a vagina shape men’s pouch swimsuit can still be considered hot swimwear for men. I love micro pouch designs for the beach but when I hit the pool parties where there are tons of guys wearing hot swimwear for men I need to find a way to stand out. As you might guess I am a total attention whore. I am posting a photo of me wearing a new suit I just ordered from mens swimwear and fetish spandex wear. This design makes my cock look as large as possible and it is just flat out sexy. Other guys can not keep their hands off me.


Hot swimwear for men

Hot swimwear for men rear view

I enjoy wearing hot swimwear for men and posting photos of me wearing hot swimwear for men. I am not a model just a regular guy who likes to show off his ass and cock in tiny spandex creations. I live in Los Angeles and have seen more men this season wearing hot swimwear for men. I say be proud show off your sexy body. You do not need to be a model to wear hot swimwear for men!


All the suits in my collection are from Koala mens swimwear

Hot swimwear for men