The most amazing men’s spandex sport tights. Hot, sexy and made in the USA.

The crazy boys at  have just added the most amazing compression sport tights for men on their site. These are tights with a Koala flare which means they are sexy as hell. Fashion tights you can wear for working out in or a night on the town, any way you go you are going to attract a lot of attention. These tights look like they are painted on your body. There is a line of pouch centric tights which not only show off your ass and legs but they make your bulge the central visual effect of the designs. Available in spandex including wet look spandex and matt finished supplex fabrics these creations are designed and manufactured in the USA and the craftsmanship is nothing short of stunning. These are the most beautiful men’s tights I have ever seen. To top things off they are offering male to female transformation tights which will blow your mind. They bring new meaning to the idea of exploring your feminine side.


Make sure to check out all the new men’s swimwear styles just added too!

Beyond hot extreme hot swimwear for men by

Real men, real nude and almost nude male models wearing super hot swimwear for men, spandex sex wear, Lycra fetish wear and so much more all by mens swimwear.  Let us blow you away and get you hard right now!



Swimwear is already a sexy item to wear. But do not stop there. You can still do something much more interesting with it. Find a hot swimwear for men and wear it on your next beach escapade. Sometimes it is great to surprise friends and your man. To see them in awe with what you are wearing is such a huge turn on. Just like one time when I first tried this sexy male thong that exposes my big buffed ass with a very stretchy thin strap along my crack. Even my date could not believe I wore it and I pulled it off.


It was an experiment on my end and it is as exciting like trying on the kinky chastity devices. Getting the good stuff is what it takes. You have to know where to find the best find. Search the online kink shops and browse every ads from google that will show adult web stores. These sites can help you find what you need quick and easy. I would suggest that you take the thongs, the pouch types , or the G strings. These are only a few hot swimwear for men, to find what fits you best, select from the available choices.

Hot Swimwear for Men for the Hottest Summer

Hot Swimwear for Men for the Hottest Summer

This year’s summer is just too hot but I am not one to complain. What makes it even hotter are the guys that I see walking around in their skimpy underwear. It’s a sight to behold because where else will you find all these delicious and young men walking at the beach like there’s no tomorrow but during summertime? So I definitely take advantage of it by wearing hot swimwear for men too.

Extreme swimwear for men extreme mens swimwear by

Hot swimwear for men extreme mens swimwear by


It’s funny how a lot of guys would look at me with amusement and amazement at the same time. I’m telling you, not everyone can pull off wearing hot swimwear for men. You have to have the confidence required to feel proud of your assets and you also have to be realistic when it comes to the colors and styles you choose.


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But since this is not the first time that I started wearing hot swimwear for men, I have become quite used to it. But I can say that this year, it’s all too different because my selections are a little bolder and more exciting. I go to the beach almost every day and I have to have stock each time I’m around.

Hot swimwear for men very hot!

Men like to look hot every time they get the chance. They want you to see them as a very tasty dish that you cannot help yourself but just got to get at least a bite of him. This makes men do their best to keep that thought burning from you. Wearing hot swimwear for men is one of the many tricks that work a lot. Yes it works, very much that is why the demand for a sexier design has been flying over the web and the adult marker.


Hot swimwear for men by hot rear entry

Hot swimwear for men by hot from the rear

Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, pouch suits, sheer wear and so much more at mens swimwear


Besides the sexy men’s bikinis, there now exist the thongs and the G-strings. Men have come to realize that wearing a little skimpy bikini outfit will be sexier than the normal swimming trunks. Men have started to get their own to show off those wonderful bodies for everyone to see. Hot swimwear for men is not solely designed for beach but for water sports too. Wear one and see how many will be yelling for your six packs and your skimpy little hot thong. Eyes will start to ogle you and mouth will start to drool. They cannot help it. It makes you so such a juicy treat. Check them out, smile to them and maybe one can have a lolly later.

Hot swimwear for men how hot?

I like that feeling, just a few seconds before you cum, when you’re simply trying to control everything in and you rub yourself fast and slow alternately. That sensations is the best, even better than the actual act of having sex. As long as you’re about to cum, it’s like you feel you own the world and nobody can stop you from what you’re doing. I especially feel the need to touch myself when I’m wearing hot swimwear for men.

Hot swimwear for men gets very hot at mens swimwear. Everything from bikinis to ultra micro g-strings and pouch only suits. All being shown on real men.


Hot swimwear for men with anal plug by cock wear

Hot swimwear for men with anal plug by


The first time I wore my hot swimwear for men, it kind of felt uncomfortable but this negative feeling was easily over powered by my desire to just take advantage of what it can do and finally touch myself. When I’m feeling more experimental, I would usually ask random guys at the bar if they want to go home with me. I have never been turned down, not even once,


I promise you, the minute you find that one ultimately hot swimwear for men that you can find in your lifetime, it will change your life for sure. It will make a great deal of difference especially with your sex life because what used to be dull will definitely become exciting and stimulating as well.

Hot swimwear for men spandex Lycra skin tight!

Every Christmas time, my gay friends and I will gather around the Christmas tree and pick out each other’s names from a fish bowl. This is our way of giving each other exciting and titilating gifts other than the usual, more serious ones we normally share. This Christmas, I am looking forward to giving whoever name I will pick out from the fish bowl hot swimwear for men.


Hot swimwear for men by extreme designs

Hot swimwear for men by


Mens swimwear


I actually have the hots for one of my friends so I am thinking of a good strategy that will ensure that I pick his name out. It’s a common practice that whatever gift you get, you have to make sure to use it and we take pictures of each othere. So if my dream guy is the one who gets a hot swimwear for men, I can take his pictures and post it everywhere in my room.

Do I have to even share what exactly I plan to do while looking at his sexy photograph? Well of course I will touch myself while I wear my own hot swimwear for men and imagine that he’s just right inside my room exciting me until I reach my peak. Oh, this can will be the best Christmas ever, I can feel it.

Hot swimwear for men more of a good thing

Swimwear are normally in demand during the summer times, but that does not mean you cannot shop if it is winter or fall. Sometimes you may want to shop ahead of the occasion so you can have ample time to choose what you want to wear. Hot swimwear for men is one of the things you need by summer time. You have to make sure you are able to find a nice pair that will show off that delicious looking fit body of yours to make them drool over you.


To begin your search, get some time to browse online. The many choices can be found in there and if you are lucky, you can also find an online shop that will deliver right to your doorstep. Go get on and browse, find something hot and teasing. Try something new for once, that will definitely make your partner have added hots for you even in the poolside. How great is that! One of the many hot swimwear for men is the thong. Men went crazy over it and many loved it too. Make sure you get one that will fit your well-polished body and show off some of those cheeky buns of yours. Let them peek.


Mens swimwear, fetish spandex, Lycra sex wear, male chastity

Hot mens swimwear by fem style suit

Hot mens swimwear by

Hot swimwear for men with an added twist!

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Wear Hot Swimwear for Men


“Suck my dick” might be your usual command but who will be enticed to do so when you only wear dull and plain swimwear? If you want to make your whims credible then do your part by wearing hot swimwear for men instead. Koala designs has everything you might ever need. You just have to make sure you’re ready to be naughty in bed.


Number one reason why hot swimwear for men are great is because they can be used by people like you who want to experiment. Tired of all your ways in bed? Then it’s time to liven it up not only by bringing a whip cream and listening to soft tunes but also when it comes to what you’re wearing.


Second, if you want your partner to be hooked on you even after the action is done, then this is one of the things that will guarantee that. Remember, be naughty and confident. All women like that.


Lastly, if you want to be in control of the action, your hot swimwear for men will help you take charge. Endless sex nights are on the way, that’s what Koala designs promise you with.


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Me wearing a suit with an anal plug holding the rear in place. Very erotic. Sorry no models just me and my round girl ass!


Hot swimwear for men by

Hot swimwear for men by with a rear plug



Hot swimwear for men bikinis to micro G-strings

Hot Swimwear for Men

One of the things you are going to notice when it comes to purchasing hot swimwear for men is that there are a lot of choices for you to choose from. In fact, there are so many different choices available that you might end up being so confused you completely give up and go back to the traditional swimwear that you grew up on. Of course, if you head over to, you could take a look at their selections and find something that you want to wear fairly easily.

The aspect of wearing hot swimwear for men is something that not every guy out there is going to want to go through, but those men that have an adventurous side will absolutely love them. You just need to open yourself up to new things in your life and, once you do that, you will find that wearing these swimwear items will bring untold happiness to your life. There are plenty of reasons to go places and wear this swimwear in public, but there are also reasons to wear them under your clothing all day long like they were your underwear.

Give hot swimwear for men from a try and see what you have been missing out on. Just be prepared to love them so much that you end up buying even more of them within the month. It happens to all men at some point in that purchase this kind of swimwear and you are no different. mens swimwear has everything from full back racing style bikinis to the most extreme ultra micro almost nude G-strings and just about any type of extreme swimsuit you can dream of!


Hot swimwear for men by

Hot swimwear for men by

Hot swimwear for men style

Hot Swimwear for Men

Nothing says look at me like hot swimwear for men from mens swimwear. There are so many different styles of swimwear available for you to choose from that it might take you a few hours just to pick out the one you really want. Just thinking about the amount of fun that you are going to be having while wearing some of these swimwear designs will give you goose bumps. They are definitely something you are going to want to try out over the summer when you head out to the beach for the day.

Many guys out there might be thinking about hot swimwear for men from their local discount stores as something that will get them attention. Unfortunately, that just isn’t going to happen for them. Everyone knows that the swimwear from your local discount store isn’t all that hot and this is why everyone is wearing the same designs. You want to be able to go out to the beach and have people notice you. That’s not something that’s going to happen if you are wearing something that everyone else is wearing as well. You need something unique in order to get the attention that you have been looking for.

If you want that kind of uniqueness, then you are going to have to purchase your hot swimwear for men from rather than any other stores. Choose your styles right and you will be getting all the attention that you could ever hope for. In fact, you might actually have to hide yourself away once in a while just to let that attention calm down a bit so you can go back outside. knows that you are looking for the best swimwear on the market and that is exactly what you are going to be getting when you purchase through them.